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History of Touch for Health

YouTube Applied Kinesiology is used by chiropractors and doctors, and Touch for Health Kinesiology is geared for the lay person to learn simple skills to help themselves, their family and friends. A series of videos on YouTube describe Touch for Health and it's benefits.

Touch for Health

Touch for Health (TFH) was developed by John F. Thie, DC (1933-2005). Dr. Thie originally developed TFH as a lay-education and self-care program based on Applied Kinesiology (AK), originated by George Goodheart, DC. TFH has been a major influence in the emerging fields using Muscle Testing as a bio-feedback tool: Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Kinesiology, and even Energy Psychology. TFH combines practical and accessible information for balancing Posture, Attitude and Energy.

While Goodheart's AK is a post-graduate training for physicians who are licensed to diagnose, and is utilized as a diagnostic and treatment approach, TFH is based on the general concept of Wellness, and specifically on the Chinese concept of balancing "Chi" or Life Energy for optimum overall function of the human being, including its intricate healing system (or Wellness creating system).

Dialogue, Muscle Testing and Self-Awareness are the primary tools used to support the individual in their own SELF-assessment of their current life experience and function. Touch reflexes coming from both Western and Eastern traditions are then used to balance muscles, and facilitate and balance the flow of CHI. The result is a greater sense of personal meaning, personal vision, and greater sense of empowerment with tools for improving mental clarity, emotional stability, physical comfort, range of motion and function. As a result of overall balance, aches, pains, symptoms, fears, overwhelming emotions all tend to be reduced or spontaneously disappear.

People from all walks of life --business, arts, science, religion, etc.-- and among all the healing disciplines-- medicine, chiropractic, faith healing, massage, psychology, etc. have taken up this work as part of their personal/family self-care, and/or part of clinical practice. TFH often creates the desperately needed bridge between the health-care practitioner (whether reductionist, disease centered, or holistic, wellness oriented), and personal responsibility, self- awareness, and self-care.

Information and books are available on the Touch for Health website.