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Dry salt aerosol inhalation, or Halotherapy, is a method that recreates the natural microclimate found in natural salt caves and mines and proven to relieve symptoms of people with breathing problems.

Accepted in Europe for generations, the therapeutic treatment, also known as Speleotherapy, has been proven in many medical reports.

More than 4000 patients were treated in a 10-year period in a hospital-cave complex in Tapolca, Hungary. A sharp and long-lasting clinical improvement and a significant recovery from airway obstruction could be observed in the overwhelming majority of patients. (PMID: 3804603 [Pub Med - indexed for MEDLINE).

Halotherapy is a 100% natural treatment, used successfully for over 50 years in Europe. Drug-free, safe and pleasant, Halotherapy might help you manage your suffering. This drug-free and non-invasive and pleasant treatment may be used as an addition to or as an alternative to the traditional medications.

Halotherapy can be used to relieve the symptoms of the following conditions: