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  1. Is Bowen like getting a Massage?
    No. There is no forceful manipulation of any area of the body. In fact even self-massage or rubbing after a treatment will diminish the Bowen treatment effectiveness. Having said this, several Bowen moves role over neuro-lympaphatic reflex points which stimulate detoxification , improve circulation and instigate drainage through the urinary, alimentary (digestive tract), respiratory and cutaneous (skin) systems.

  2. Is Bowen like Acupuncture?
    Yes, but no needles! Bowen move locations often work on similar points to Chinese meridians. Indeed Bowen does clear trigger point congestion, relieving pain and increasing joint mobility and muscle coordination. Likewise, the meridian system is balanced with the Bowen treatment. What is unique to Bowen Therapy is the combination, location and sequencing of moves that instigate the body’s self healing adjustments.

  3. Is Bowen New Age Energy Healing?
    No. It is the nervous system ‘reflex’ reaction of the body to the Bowen moves that instigates the body’s innate capacity to self healing (ie. Syntropy ).

  4. Is Bowen like Chiropractic?
    No. There is no forceful manipulation of any sort takes place by the therapist. Many clients will experience a sensation of or actual movement within the musclo-skeletal framework (e.g. uneven shoulders and differing leg lengths will re-align, bent coccyx will straighten out, scoliosis in childhood will start to straighten up, etc... This balancing correction is done by the body, not by any manipulation of the therapist.