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Gina C, Hamilton
Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I'm doing really well these days (hence, no appointments have been necessary, sorry?).
I still find it amazing, when I think about it, how much progress has been made in such a short time. I was literally grasping at straws when I first called you - and I can't tell you how happy I am that you do what you do!
I presume it will be OK to call on you again if/when I need some adjustment and/or 'tweaking'?
Til then, thanks for easing my aches and pains!

Chris Y, Burlington
I met Julie Demeester in the summer of 2007 after exhausting all other avenues for relief of my lower back pain. I herniated my L4-L5 disk in the beginning of April. By the time I contacted Julie I had exhausted all other traditional options. I went to a chiropractor that made the situation worse. I went to an acupuncturist, which gave me a little relief for a very short time. I went to a back clinic where the physiotherapy I received caused a shift in my lower back which led to sciatica; a severe and debilitating pain down the back of my leg. And I was still waiting for an MRI and an appointment to see a surgeon.

I had never heard of the Bowen Technique but after doing some research on the Internet, I came across Julieís name. During my first visit I was a little surprised at what seemed to be an unorthodox approach but Julie convinced me that I would soon see results. She explained to me that the process would feel like one step back and two steps forward but if I continued to walk every day and drink lots of water while waiting for the next weekly appointment the results would be evident shortly.

Iím pleased to say that after 3 months of chronic pain that was only worsening week by week, I felt a hint of relief in the first week. I continued with the weekly treatments and maintained the water and walks every day. After 7-8 weeks I sincerely felt that I was almost cured. The pain had all but disappeared and I was mobile again. Unfortunately, due to my own fault, I re-injured my back and we needed to continue the therapy. Again, things gradually improved over the next 7 weeks and then again I injured my back. This frustrating cycle of events continued until December. Throughout this time, Julie continued to reassure me that we were making progress and that as long as I allowed my body to heal itself without interruption we would succeed.

Itís been 4 months now since my last visit with Julie. I donít miss the need to go but I wholeheartedly miss Julie. Without her patience, contagious optimism and tenacity for getting to the root of my problems, I feel that I would still be waiting for surgery and in debilitating pain. Her professionalism and sincere concern for my health was refreshing and more appreciated than I can put into words. In many ways I owe her my life. Perhaps not in the literal sense but figuratively I owe her for the quality of life that I enjoy today. I owe my recovery not only to the Bowen sessions that I received but more importantly to Julie Demeester.

Nicole N, Hamilton
Following 35 years of working at a computer, I suffered from poor posture and excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders. Physiotherapy for one and half years and massages for several months accompanied by prescribed medication added more side effects than relief. Being pro-active with my health, I investigated my options on the Internet and at the library. Bowen Therapy was often mentioned as a self-healing program. This interested me and I was lucky enough to have a Natural Healing Center in my neighbourhood offering such therapy. Julie Demeester, the practitioner, took the time to explain the bodywork treatment and after only 8 sessions I am pleased to say that I am pain free and my posture has dramatically improved. Along with her healing touch, I appreciated that she took time to educate me on life-long exercises required to maintain my well-being and pain free life.

Susan S, Burlington
I came to Julie with the most pressing complaint Ė my knee which was injured quite badly in a car accident. Part of the knee cap needed to be removed. There was a lot of swelling and pain, and having tried everything else, I didnít know what else to do. I had other complaints including shoulder and wrist pain that were the result of a fall. Both wrists would swell when I used them. This was a problem as my job requires the use of my hands a lot. I also had pain in my tailbone. All these problems were relieved after 5 or so Bowen treatments. I can now bend my knee further than it ever could since the accident. I have never looked back.

Lois N, Burlington
The quality of my life has improved tremendously since Julie Demeester located and corrected the problem that was giving me such debilitating back and leg pain. I gratefully recommend her expertise whenever someone mentions a problem!

Nils G, Ancaster
I had been suffering from sciatic back pain for months. I was unable to enjoy common recreational activities (i.e. sleep, golf) without discomfort. Intervention by Julie of Bowen Body Works was significant in eliminating the pain. After Bowen Therapy, my pain was gone and I have been able to return to participating in sports without a problem.

Laura M, Burlington
I called Jewels (Julie) for terrible low back pain several years ago. She was studying homeopathy at the time and gave me Rhus tox. Within an hour, my pain was much better. This happened a second time later on, and we did the same thing again. My pain never returned.
When Jewel began studying Bowen Therapy, I was a case study for my varicose veins, sore feet in the morning and my ankles would swell every evening. By the seventh week of having treatments, my swelling in my ankles was better and the aching had decreased. We stopped doing treatments as I was feeling better.
A new problem happened about a year later. I had terrible sciatica. At the emergency room I was given an injection for the pain and it caused numbness down the back of my leg into my foot. This numbness would not go away. My knee was swollen,would click when I walked and walking was awkward. After a few sessions, the swelling and clicking were gone from the back of my knee, my walk was not as difficult and the numbness had all lifted except the bottom of my foot and upper back thigh. I think the numbness may be because of the injection I had for the pain. Thank you Jewels.

Andrea S, Burlington
Thanks Julie for the Bowen treatments. Even though the treatments didn't have the results we were looking for, I felt so loved and cared for by you. Your technique is fabulous and I know of several people who have had success and healing with you. I am fully aware that this method works. That said, when you gave me EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) for a long standing problem related to why I saw you in the first place, I had great success at releasing the difficulty.
I am most grateful and wish you much success in you practice.

Mark S, Burlington
Thank you Julie for the Bowen treatments you gave me and your skilled hands in effecting a change in my body. When I came to you I was in great pain probably for the first time in my life. Being a senior, this was hard to accept because I have never experienced this difficulty.
After trying chiropractic and other methods, my wife told me about you and your work. In order to relieve the pain I decided to try Bowen therapy. I am so glad I made that decision because I can honestly say I have been healed of a long standing problem.
Thank you for your healing talent and ability. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone and I wish you much continued success in your practice.

Sandy S, Burlington
I called my friend Julie after being incapacitated with a sudden lower back problem that left me unable to work. The very first session lifted a fair bit of the pain. Over the next few weeks, this problem and a repetitive strain injury in my elbow were addressed. Both improved within a month and a half and I was able to return to work.
I had another sudden lower back problem half a year later and again went to see Julie. This time it took a couple of sessions, the second session being very intense, and once again the pain lifted. I am pleased with the relief I have experienced and would recommend this to anyone with similar problems.

TG, Burlington
I came to Julie in the Spring of 2006 for severe whiplash I had sustained 5 years previous. I was experiencing migraines several times a week, lasting at times, for a number of days. I had tried chiropractic, massage and other therapies, with only minimal improvement. Sitting and sleeping were uncomfortable and my employment suffered because of this.
Over a series of weekly treatments, I made steady improvement. Other trauma to the neck area complicated matters, yet with Bowen treatments as well as homeopathy, scar release and EFT, I gained ground. I was able to reenter the work force, having improved at least 90%.
Other annoying complaints including hormonal issues and bladder infections were addressed both with Bowen and homeopathic therapy.
This past December, I slipped on ice sustaining a nasty injury to my hip and reactivating the neck injury, having the migraines flare up. The matter was taken care of with two treatments of Bowen and a homeopathic remedy.
I recommend Julieís services to anyone having similar complaints to those Iíve mentioned above.