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Bowen Education

There are currently three organizations that provide training in North America.

The Bowen Academy of Australia was founded in 1987 and has over 100 instructors world wide.
Classes in Canada are available through the The Bowenwork Canada Registry.
Classes in the USA are available through the American Association of Bowenwork Practitioners.

The Bowen College was the first North American based school for instruction of the Bowen Technique. Based in British Columbia, the college has 29 instructors that travel across North America. The college provides both the basic and advanced cirriculum in major US and Canadian cities.

Be Well Now is located in Vancouver BC. Classes for the basic cirriculum are scheduled in British Columbia.

Bowen Designations

The Professional Bowenwork Practitioner® designation is granted to graduates of The Bowen Academy of Australia and is internationally recognized.

The Certified Bowen Health Therapist© is the Canadian designation granted by the Canadian Examining Board of Health Care Practitioners (CEBHCP). The CEBHCP is the educational standards institution for Alternative Health Practitioners and certified by the Canadian Minister of Human Resources. Currently only the Bowen College meets the education standards set by the CEBHCP.

"Certified Bowen Therapist" and "Certified Bowen Practitioner" are generic designations used by many people who have completed the training from any of the training organizations.

Bowen as a Career

There is nothing more satisfying than helping others on their healing journey but honestly, the business side does tend to get in the way.

The vast majority of Bowen practices are sole proprietorships, meaning that an individual works out of their home or rents a small office. Operating a Bowen Clinic is a labour of love. People will not be waiting for your door to open, as Bowen Therapy has not well known. Advertising is required and word of mouth will get your business to grow.

Buying a franchise is an option, but be aware that startup advertising provided by the franchiser will generate initial clientelle but there is no guarantee of ongoing success. There is no "brand recognition", you are not buying a McDonalds or Tim Hortons franchise. Franchise contracts do not typically favour the franchisee, so before signing, get a lawyer and understand what your rights and obligations are.